• PC and laptop display screens

    Do you have a website?

    Does your website design display as you intended in the major web browsers on PC & laptop screens?

  • various screen size display screens

    Does your website display in all screen sizes and orientations?

    If your website does not render properly to also fit nicely in smaller device screen resolutions you may risk losing your target audience!

  • various screen size display screens

    What's the answer?

    Ensure that your website is seen by a global audience, whatever their device with a responsive website design. Mobile usability is now also relevant for optimal Google search results!

Affordable Website Design

website coding under the pageGlobalWebHQ UK Ltd, located in Hertfordshire, is an established provider of affordable and bespoke website design, website hosting platforms, domain name registration services, e-commerce solutions and custom applications for companies around the globe.

Looking for professional website design to fit your budget? Whether you require basic website design and optimisation, reliable website hosting, GlobalWebHQ has the resources to help improve the efficiency and profitability of your business website. We offer at affordable prices a comprehensive website design service to cater for a range of customers from individuals, organisations, small companies to large corporations. Each website project we design is custom tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Over recent years there has been a significant rise in global traffic from website visitors using smartphones, tablets and such like small screen devices. Whilst your current website may display on these devices it likely necessitates in a fair bit of scrolling and zooming by the user to view all the content in a readable size; which isn’t overall a great experience for users of those devices. Those users are reportedly more likely to revisit other more 'mobile-friendly' websites.

Google search screenshot

Mobile usability has been reported to be and, it's now a visble ranking signal for optimal Google search results on mobile devices!

Don't wait or hesitate, get your website bang up-to-date! Please explore our website to see how our website design services could help to build and enhance your online website presence or give a new lease of life to an existing website design.

Validated W3C Compliant Coding

w3c logoThe World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sets standards that website developers should follow when creating websites, specifically with clean and valid coding. Web sites with validating coding can proudly be called W3C compliant.

To be W3C compliant, a web site must have well-composed coding. Errors in your coding may result in poor search engine performance, display problems, and prevent visitors with disabilities from using your web site.

We now specialise in building optimised fast loading, W3C web standard HTML5 validated responsive website designs that will look good to your customers and are easy to navigate.

Designing or upgrading your company's web site, making it W3C compliant with HTML5 and responsive design coding results in your website being accessible to more people on more platforms.

Does your current website 'W3C Validate'? Try these few simple steps to find out. It's a free and painless process that lets you know if your website is ready for the next stage of the WWW evolution.

1. Go to the W3C Markup Validation Service page
2. Type your web site address in the box 'Validate by URL' then click the "Check" button
3. W3C will show you any HTML errors in great detail.

You can easily test the W3C HTML5 validity of our own website to see that we practice what we preach and have taken care to create an interoperable website!

  • Compatible coding with the latest W3C standards
  • Flexible, Responsive Layout Website Designs
  • Compatible with Major Browsers
  • Attuned to Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Contact Us to make your website responsive & W3C compliant.